» International specialities have been trending for years and are extremely popular worldwide – and their popularity is still increasing! «

Dr Eduardo Garcia, managing director and company founder

The highest standards of quality for our products, decades of experience, complete market orientation and international production facilities have made us the European market leader for ethnic dairy products. From the beginning, our company founder, Dr Eduardo Garcia, has given his all to that end: with his entrepreneurial intuition, passion for dairy products and the courage to make the right decisions. He has passed this spirit on to his two children, who are already active within the company. The careful selection of raw materials, strict controls and the highest standards in pro­duction technology guarantee high-quality products. All garmo products are made from the best cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk, pro­duced that day.



This motto applies to all corporate departments at garmo AG. The careful selection of raw materials, strict controls and the highest standards in pro­duction technology guarantee high-quality products. All garmo products are made from the best cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk, pro­duced that day. That means maximum enjoyment with garmo is not only a matter of taste, but also an expression of top quality. It goes without saying that our products meet the high IFS and BRC food safety standards and thus guarantee consistently excellent quality. They also meet the requirements for halal products, as evidenced by halal certi­fication. 

» Quality begins with raw materials and is far from over once they are processed. Fastidious hygiene, expert employees and modern technical facilities are also part of it. For us, quality is the overarching objective in every-thing we do «,

A fundamental principle of Dr. Edurardo Garcia

In order to keep up with requirements in terms of eating habits and changes in taste, we value the research and development depart­ment particularly highly. In this area, we optimise existing products and create delicious new specialities to bring variety to the table. To guarantee that consumers can always be sure to enjoy a genuine and fresh product, we prioritise the highest quality in every stage of production. With this in mind, every step is carefully monitored and evaluated by our food engineers, analytical chemists and biologists. To this end, we implement a quality system specially developed by garmo. In this way, we ensure that every product leaves our esta­blish­ment in perfect condition, because quality is not only a promise we make to our customers and partners, but also our most important basic principle. 

Brands & Products


From soft cheese to yoghurt, from grill and pan cheese to braided cheese and kashkaval – there is something for every dairy lover. And that’s why people trust our brands. Because they know that these first-rate products are of the highest quality.

The premium brand – from aromatic Hirtenkäse (herder’s cheese) to a refined braided Zopfkäse cheese, GAZİ offers a broad spectrum of dairy specialities.

Our Sirtakis products contain all the varied enjoyment of Greek tradition.

Top quality at an unbeatable price – ÖMÜR is the Mediterranean classic that we manufacture according to recipes passed down through the generations.

Fine soft-cheese specialities in the Bulgarian style – with an unmistakably aromatic flavour.

Bauernkäse farm cheese from fresh cow’s milk with different fat contents.

The pleasure of One Thousand and One Nights according to Turkish recipes passed down through the generations.

Kashkaval specialities made following the original recipe – its full, aromatic and slightly salty flavour is revealed by the maturing process.

Soft cheese made from pure sheep’s milk with an unmistakably fine aroma.

PUMA-brand products are particularly popular with large-scale consumers in the restaurant business, bakeries and the food industry.

The brand ALSUHUL offers an extensive range of Arabian specialities and basic products.




  • Foodtruck

    Indulgence and quality are best enjoyed live! That’s why we are introducing our new GAZİ food truck and parking it anywhere where we can find our target group: at events such as the UEFA European Under-19 Championship, the VfB Stuttgart season opener and Stuttgarter Kickers matches. This means we can attract significant attention and awaken curiosity. The food truck attracts customers like a magnet. And does so exactly where they most like to spend their free time.

  • Trade fairs & appearances

    We present our innovations and new developments every year at the most important trade fairs around the world, such as Anuga, SIAL, Gulfood and many other events. As part of our consistent brand policy, we remain on course for success: with classic, innovative and future-oriented advertising. This helps us to make the right impact and provide more ince­n­tive to buy when consumers are at the refrigerated section. 

  • Sponsorship in football

    Quality and long-lasting success are no accident, but rather the result of many individual factors like motivation, willingness to perform, stamina and concentration. That applies for a company just as much as it does for athletes. That is why we have been involved in professional, youth and grassroots sport for many years with our premium brand GAZİ. In addition to the partnership with the German football club VfB Stuttgart and Stuttgarter Kickers we support more than 500 amateur football clubs and spare-time teams. GAZİ has also the naming rights of the Kickers’ stadium » GAZİ Stadion auf der Waldau «.

  • Sponsorship in boxing

    Alongside the main focus of our sponsorship activities in football, GAZİ is also active in boxing. Successful boxers such as Firat Arslan, Avni Yildirim and Özlem Şahin wear the GAZİ logo in the ring. The Arena Sports Promotion boxing company, with many well-known boxers, is also supported by garmo. 

  • Internet presence

    Alongside a professional Web presence with important information about the company and its brands, we also use other modern presentation channels such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and the video u­p­load site YouTube. In this way, we establish direct con­tact with our customers and can reliably recognise what they want. We use this knowl­edge to develop innovative products.

  • Cross-marketing

    Coca-Cola, PlayStation®, Mercedes-Benz, Weber, KitchenAid – the GAZİ brand enjoys unprompted recognition of over 90% among our target groups. This top rating is not only thanks to the high quality of our products, but also the many marketing activities that are very well received by our customers. 


Children are our future 

This has been the guiding principle for the GAZi Children’s Foundation, which has dedicated itself to helping children in need for many years.In addition to emergency aid in crisis situations, our focus is also on long-term projects that we are happy to support with our own funds and kind donations by third parties. As just one of its many projects, the GAZi Children’s Foundation helped rebuild an orphanage in Turkey that was destroyed by an earthquake, creating a new home for more than 150 children.

In February 2010, the pilot project » Football meets culture «, supported by garmo AG, got underway in Stuttgart. Its aim is to improve the lan­guage abilities of children and young people through a combination of football training and complementary German lessons, as, according to scientific findings, school pupils who exercise learn considerably more easily. Not only did the project receive a certificate of recognition from the City of Stuttgart, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research also awarded it the Bildungsidee prize, which honours outstanding educational ideas.


We are here for you


As a small token of our appreciation – and to pass on to customers – our wholesale and retail partners receive promotional gifts, such as pens, lighters or keychains.

If you are interested, please contact our Customer Service.


The high quality of our products is best discovered by tasting. And so we offer our wholesale and retail partners tasting events to achieve better penetration of our brands at retail. Are you, too, interested in a tasting promotion? Contact us.

Lorry labelling

When you see a "GAZİ" lorry on Europe's roads and highways, it's not always a company lorry. Many of our customers are interested in integrating GAZİ into their own promotion concept and presenting the current GAZİ product advertising on their own vehicles. Are you interested in applying our GAZİ advertising? Then write us. We'll contact you immediately.


Our special service for you: Our current product catalogue and order form, each in PDF-format for download and print out. Then just order simply and conveniently by e-mail or fax. You can get to our download offers here.


Here we give you a sales-oriented suggestion for placement of the GAZİ assortment in your cooler section. We would be happy to prepare a recommendation for you that is optimised specifically for the GAZİ assortment you carry and the desired shelf space.

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Enjoy exciting responsibilities in a varied role. Work independently in flat hierarchies. Manage interesting projects as part of a multicultural team. Welcome to the premium brand for Mediterranean dairy products.

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